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resellers certificate georgia

GA DoR ST-5 1995 free printable template

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How to fill out resellers certificate georgia 1995


How to fill out resellers certificate Georgia:

Visit the Georgia Department of Revenue website.
Download the Resale Certificate form.
Fill in your business name, address, and contact information.
Provide your Georgia sales and use tax number.
Indicate the type of business you have (e.g. sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation).
Specify the reason for requesting the certificate (e.g. for purchasing inventory for resale).
Include a detailed description of the goods or services you intend to sell.
Sign and date the form.
Keep a copy of the completed certificate for your records.

Who needs resellers certificate Georgia:

Businesses that plan to purchase goods or services for resale purposes in Georgia.
Individuals or entities engaged in wholesale or retail sales.
Manufacturers, distributors, or resellers selling taxable items.
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Comments and Help with

Who needs an ST-5 form?

This form is used by taxpayers in the State of Georgia. It is not requested from all taxpayers. Only exempt organizations that have a Certificate of Exemption from the Commissioner of Revenue need to file this application in order to purchase items without applicable sales taxes.

What is the purpose of the ST-5 form?

Form ST-5 stands for a Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate. An agent representing an exempt organization must provide this certificate to a goods or service provider to inform him that no sales tax should be withheld from this purchase.

What other documents must accompany the ST-5 form?

A goods or service provider may request a copy of the certificate as evidence that the organization is entitled to an exemption. An organization may request this type of certificate by filing form ST-2 with Georgia Department of Revenue.

When is the ST-5 form due?

The Sales Tax Exempt Purchaser Certificate must be presented upon making a purchase.

What information should be provided in the ST-5 form?

The filler has to indicate the name of the supplier, date of purchase and address, describe the purchaser’s business activity, business name, business address, sales tax number, and purchaser’s name.

The filler also must check the appropriate checkbox with the purpose of the next purchase or leasing of the property.

The purchaser also has to sign the certificate.

What do I do with the Certificate after its completion?

The completed ST-5 form is forwarded to the seller. The dealer should maintain a copy of the certificate to be presented in case of an audit.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing resellers certificate georgia


  • What is resellers certificate georgia?
    A resellers certificate in Georgia is an official document that allows a business to purchase goods for resale without paying sales tax. It is sometimes referred to as a Sales and Use Tax Permit, and must be obtained from the Georgia Department of Revenue. It is required for any business that will be selling taxable items in the state of Georgia.
  • Who is required to file resellers certificate georgia?
    In the state of Georgia, any business that sells taxable products or services must have a reseller certificate. This includes businesses that buy products for resale, as well as those that rent or lease taxable items. A reseller certificate is required to purchase products from a wholesaler without paying sales tax on the purchase.
  • How to fill out resellers certificate georgia?
    1. Visit the Georgia Department of Revenue website and download the Georgia Reseller’s Certificate form (Form ST-3). 2. Fill out the form with your company’s name, address, Federal Tax Identification Number, and contact information. 3. Include your signature and the date of signature. 4. Attach a copy of your Georgia Business License, if applicable. 5. Submit your completed form to the Georgia Department of Revenue.
  • When is the deadline to file resellers certificate georgia in 2023?
    The deadline to file a resellers certificate in Georgia for 2023 has not been released yet. The exact deadline will be determined at a later date.
  • What is the purpose of resellers certificate georgia?
    In Georgia, a reseller's certificate is used to exempt a registered business from paying sales tax on items that will be resold. It allows the business to purchase goods for resale without paying sales tax at the time of purchase. The purpose of the certificate is to streamline the process of collecting sales tax by shifting the responsibility to the final consumer at the time of sale.
  • What information must be reported on resellers certificate georgia?
    In Georgia, a reseller's certificate, also known as a Sales and Use Tax Certificate of Exemption, requires certain information to be reported. This includes: 1. Business Information: The legal name of the business, address, and contact details should be provided. 2. Registration Number: The Georgia Department of Revenue (DOR) requires the taxpayer identification number (TIN) or sales tax number assigned to the business. 3. Business Type: Indicate if the business is a sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, limited liability company, or another type of entity. 4. Reason for Exemption: Specify the reason for seeking exemption, such as purchasing goods for resale. 5. Signature: The certificate should be signed by an authorized business representative, attesting to the accuracy of the information provided. Additionally, businesses are often required to provide a description of the goods they intend to purchase tax-exempt for resale purposes. The certificates should be kept on file by both the seller and the buyer for future reference or potential audits by the Georgia DOR.
  • What is the penalty for the late filing of resellers certificate georgia?
    In Georgia, the penalty for the late filing of a reseller's certificate depends on the specific circumstances and the discretion of the Georgia Department of Revenue. Generally, the penalty for failing to timely file a reseller's certificate can range from a warning or a reminder to file, to fines and penalties. These fines can vary based on the amount of tax due, the number of late returns, and whether there is a pattern of non-compliance. It is recommended to contact the Georgia Department of Revenue directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding penalties for the late filing of a reseller's certificate.
  • How do I edit resellers certificate georgia in Chrome?
    Install the pdfFiller Chrome Extension to modify, fill out, and eSign your how to obtain a georgia resale certificate form, which you can access right from a Google search page. Fillable documents without leaving Chrome on any internet-connected device.
  • How do I edit resale certificate ga straight from my smartphone?
    You may do so effortlessly with pdfFiller's iOS and Android apps, which are available in the Apple Store and Google Play Store, respectively. You may also obtain the program from our website: https://edit-pdf-ios-android.pdffiller.com/. Open the application, sign in, and begin editing georgia resale certificate right away.
  • How do I edit georgia resale license on an Android device?
    You can edit, sign, and distribute georgia seller's permit form on your mobile device from anywhere using the pdfFiller mobile app for Android; all you need is an internet connection. Download the app and begin streamlining your document workflow from anywhere.
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